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"The Program Pro Certification is exactly what I needed. As someone who is relatively new to training clients, this certification helps clear up a TON of questions I had. Not only did Dan provide me with a great foundation of knowledge, but the plug & play programs have been a game changer. Now I can focus on what matters, coaching my hard working clients through their training sessions. Rather than spending time staring at a blank excel sheet. Thank you, Dan!"

- Jake R.


Eliminate The Guesswork From Your Program Design And Become A Program Pro

  • Do you spend countless hours every week writing your programs from scratch?

  • Are you overwhelmed with the amount of exercises and progressions to choose from?

  • Are you stressed and overworked with no programming system in place?

Don't worry, we got you...

The Complete Solution For Fit-Pro's Committed To Getting Exceptional Results

Results are king and the foundation of your success as a fitness professional.

Results allow you to retain clients long-term, establish a reputation as the go-to professional and build a referral system that generates reliable revenue for your business.






Most certifications give you the “ingredients” without the “recipe”.

You spend the weekend covering drills and methods,

With little to no emphasis on the most important part…program design!

But all that is about to change, right now...


The Most Comprehensive Course On Program Design For Fitness Professionals Committed To Achieving Consistent And Reliable Results

what is program pro?

A winning system for your entire coaching team

Gym owners and managers

The fitness industry is a grind, let alone the gym business. Program Pro will raise the quality and standards of your training facility by empowering your coaches with the tools and systems they need to retain members, keeping you well ahead of the competition down the street.

Personal Trainers and Coaches

Setting yourself apart as a trainer starts with your skillset and your ability to deliver results consistently. When it comes to getting results, nothing is more important than program design.

Every-Day Athletes and Enthusiasts

Stop leaving your results to chance with random workouts. Learn exactly how to design your programs so you gain incredible strength, build lean muscle and take control of your body with our pain-free, results-driven programming system.

Become a Program Pro and...

  • INSTANTLY set yourself apart from the overcrowded sea of competitors

  • Earn MORE for all of your passion, dedication and hard work as a fitness professional

  • Save yourself countless hours, energy and stress behind the laptop so you can focus on what you love…coaching!

  • Take the guessing out of your programming using our proven 6-Step Program Process

  • Establish a reputation as the go-to trainer in your area

  • Learn exactly how to apply your assessments into your programs

  • Become a master at auto-regulating and adjusting your programs for any type of client

  • Go above and beyond by delivering unbelievable value to your clients

  • Learn how to transition seamlessly between training phases for long-term results and continuity in your programs

  • Confidently design workouts that build your clients up (instead of breaking them down) with our 6-Phase Training Session

  • Progress and regress any exercise to fit your client’s individual goals and capabilities

  • Create “buy in” with your clients so they stay with you long-term

  • Understand how and when to apply progressive overload (well beyond the initial 12 weeks)

  • Get our exact onboarding process so you can WOW new clients and provide the best possible training experience

Fully Certified Course

When you complete Program Pro, you'll get...



canfitpro 4 CEU's

NASM 1.2 CEU's

Learn at your own pace. Wherever. Whenever.

Discover how Program Pro Will Skyrocket your results and training business

Module 1:

Welcome to program pro

Welcome to Program Pro! Here’s what you can expect in the course.

Module 2:

Training Philosophy And Program Principles

It’s not uncommon for fitness professionals to attend a weekend seminar and do a complete overhaul of their training philosophy. At Program Pro, our aim is to provide you with a system that allows you to “absorb what is useful, discard what is not and add what is uniquely your own” – Bruce Lee.

Module 3:

The 6-Step Program Process

Systems provide structure for creativity. The 6-Step Program Process is our exact step by step programming system to save yourself stress, time, energy and money.

Module 4:

Strength Training Principles And Methods

Methods are many, principles are few. Here’s what actually matters when it comes to effective program design.

Module 5:


Don’t worry. We’ll save you the impractical, regurgitated theory and cut to the chase when it comes to periodization. Here’s what you should know. Here’s how to apply it. Next.

Module 6:

Program Design Variables

We’ll show you how to manipulate key training variables for continued, long-term results in your programs for beginner to advanced clients.

Module 7:

Program Phases And Training Splits

How long should training phases be? How often should your clients train to achieve their goals? We cover all of this and more.

Module 8:

Fully Body vs Upper-Lower Body Workouts

Should you program full body workouts or use an upper/lower split? The truth is, they both work. Here’s exactly how to design programs for both and which type of client would benefit from each.

Module 9:

How To Structure A Training Session

Our 6-Phase Training Session will help your clients perform and feel better while maximizing their time and results in the gym.

Module 10:

Major Movement Patterns / progressions-regression Model

There are endless variations when it comes to the major movement patterns. Here’s how to progress and regress each of them so you can design programs that match your client’s current capabilities in a safe and effective training environment.

Module 11:

How To Program Intensity Methods

Eccentrics, isometrics, load, range of motion…you have plenty of options when it comes to intensity methods. This can make it challenging to decide which ones to include in your programs. We’ll break down exactly how to program intensity methods for your clients’ individual goals and capabilities.

Module 12:

How To Program Priority Exercises

Ever sit down to write a program and find yourself staring at a blank Excel sheet wondering which exercises you should include? Same. Luckily, it’s actually really simple. We’ll give you a few key exercises to prioritize in your programs and show you how to progress them overtime so your clients achieve the best possible results.

Module 13:

How To Program Fillers

Maximize your clients’ time and results in the gym with low-intensity mobility/corrective drills performed between sets to enhance recovery and performance.

Module 14:

How To Program Finishers

Finishers allow you to finish the session on a high note so your clients leave the gym feeling great. While the value of finishers is clear, the process of programming them is unclear. We’ll keep it simple and give you a repeatable system to design better finishers with some of our favourite sample workouts.

Module 15:

Advanced Training Methods (Intro)

Here are proven methods you can use to help your advanced clients skyrocket their training results.

Module 16:

Contrast Training

Help your clients get strong and powerful AF with this advanced hybrid strength-power modality.

Module 17:

Cluster Training

Clusters involve intra-set rest periods so you can lift heavier loads for a greater total amount of volume.

Module 18:


Learn how to program complexes so you can help your clients increase their strength endurance and work capacity by performing a series of exercises in succession.

Module 19:

Overcoming Isometrics

Overcome sticking points and help your advanced clients break through their strength plateaus by applying maximal effort force against an immovable object.

Module 20:

After The Program

So, your client is finished their program. Now what?

Module 21:

Thank You And Next Steps

Congratulations! Here’s what you need to know and how to get the most out of Program Pro.

and that's not all...

You also get access to these awesome bonus video modules

Bonus #1

Squat progressions and regressions

Bonus #3

Deadlift progressions and regressions

Bonus #2

Bench progressions and regressions

Bonus #4

Best supplemental lifts for the big 3

Bonus #5

Sample 12 month program

Bonus #7

Live program design (case study)


Become a Program Pro and get…

The Program Pro Manual

Over 150 pages of everything you need to become a Program Pro.

Video Module Lessons

Learn at your own pace. Wherever and whenever.

Sample 12-Month Program

You’ll get immediate access to a FULL 12 months of programming. This alone is worth well over the investment.

Plug and Play Program Templates

Drop down menus with every exercise you’ll ever need to design programs that deliver consistent results while keeping your clients motivated and engaged in their training.

Exercise Video Library

Over 400 (and counting) professionally recorded exercise demonstration and tutorial videos. You’ll never run out of ideas for your programs and your clients will know exactly what to do and how to do it – whether you train online or in-person.

Programming Cheat Sheets

This is our version of a “programming cheat code”. You’ll get reference guides so you can confidently design programs that match your client’s unique capabilities and take the guesswork out of their training.

Live Program Design

I’ll take you through a live programming session and show you step by step how I design programs for my personal training clients with four different real-world case studies.

A Word From The Founder

Hey !

I’ve been involved in fitness for most of my life, with over 16 years experience in the weight room and over 10 years as a full-time trainer. During that time, there has been a lot of trial and error. Program Pro is the accumulation of over a decade working “in the trenches,” training clients ranging from every day athletes to corporate executives.

While most certifications cram a bunch of drills and exercises into a weekend seminar, my aim is to provide you with a proven system that helps you blend all of your knowledge together to design programs that deliver long-term, reliable results for real people.

Whether you train gen-pop clients, every day athletes or are using this for your own personal fitness – this course will transform you into a Program Pro. That’s my promise to you.

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Satisfaction guarantee

We are so confident about Program Pro, that we full back any order with a 30-day money-back satisfaction guarantee.


Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Program Pro for?

Program Pro was created for trainers and coaches who are deeply committed to helping their clients achieve incredible results.

Is Program Pro an online course?

Yes. Program Pro is a self-paced online certification course with pre-recorded video module lessons.

How can I access the course?

You can access Program Pro via the desktop platform or mobile app.

How long do I have access to the course?

You get lifetime access plus all ongoing updates to Program Pro.

How long will it take me to complete Program Pro?

If you complete 1-2 modules each night, you should be able to complete the Program Pro certification in about 2-3 weeks. Keep in mind, there are NO deadlines and you have lifetime access to all course materials. We recommend going at your own pace and rewatching the modules so you retain the information. 

Is there a deadline to complete the course and final assessment?

There are NO deadlines to complete the video module lessons or the final assessment. 

Is there a test?

Yes, there is a multiple choice assessment at the end of the Program Pro certification course in order to ensure you have retained the information. 

Who do I contact if I have any questions or need help with something?

Please contact You'll also be added to the members-only forum where you can connect with other Program Pro members.

Can I get a refund if I don't like it?

Yes, we offer a no-risk 30-day money back guarantee. 

Do you get any CEU's or CEC's for completing Program Pro?

Yes! You receive 4.0 CEC's for completing the course (accredited through canfitpro). You will receive your certification upon completion of the course. For more information or help with your certificate, please contact

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